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Basic Strategy

You can make your strategy as basic or complex as you wish. You can start up a few businesses and sit back while the money trickles in or you can find out how to build a powerful empire of thriving businesses that will skyrocket you to the top of the rankings. Look through the different links to the right to learn how to map out your strategy.


These step-by-step guides will help you navigate through this complex world. From the basics of getting started to learning how to set up your businesses, the links at the right will get you up and running in no time.

Management Tips

The more successful companies you have, the more prestige points you will earn, and the higher you will rise in the rankings. Draw off these tips to help you organize your many businesses.


We knew you'd have questions, so we've created a list of frequently asked questions in the links to the right. Find your answers fast so you can get back to earning the big bucks.

Download Client

Here you can find the download of the Starpeace Online Client.

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- Basic Strategy
The economy
Information is power
How to organize your company
Making money
Upgrading Buildings
Licensing and researching
Suppliers and clients
Dealing with other players
Rules of Conduct

- Tutorials
Starting the game
Let's get down to business
Creating a new company
Building the company headquarters
Real estate
Commerce headquarters
Building your first store
Public facilities

- Management Tips

- FAQs
Goal of the game
Stores and supplies
Unorthodox Buildings

- Search

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