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Game Overview

Ever wanted to be master of your own capitalist empire? Now's your chance to strike it rich! You'll be funded $100 million dollars to begin a company, and then it's up to you to turn the initial investment into a billion dollar empire. Choose your business acquisitions wisely to build a diverse portfolio, from heavy industry to real estate to retail chains or even farming. Your empire will flourish through strategic negotiations with other players - and don't forget the golden rule of location, location, location.

Once you amass your fortune, earn prestige with your fellow entrepreneurs by contributing to the community such as building civic institutions, parks, or monuments. With enough prestige points, you can run for Mayor of your city or even President of the planet! With the ultimate success of your empire you can make your mark on history and really change the future. How you leave your legacy is entirely up to you!

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Game Features
  • Massively multi-player persistent world - Gives a player the ability to choose their business acquisitions wisely as they build retail chains, real estate ventures, heavy industry or even farming. Set up supply chain through warehouses and refineries or trade with other players for the supplies they need.
  • Choose from a handful of different type of races, each with very different business abilities and industrial directions.
  • A comprehensive tutorial in real-time helps new players on their new business ventures.
  • Intuitive interface not only gives players complete control over all the SIM-style buildings in their company, but also allows them to view the other investors' portfolios and business ventures, or talk strategy with them via live chat or email.
  • Ability to change the camera view and screen resolution of the world to fit a player's preference.
  • Unique overlay maps gives players the ability to highlight the high crime areas, Low/Medium/High class population areas, pollution, and locations of the various types of buildings.
  • In-game email allows a player to negotiate with the other business owners and stay in touch with what is going on with future updates, events, and tournaments.
  • Various new game updates, features and patches applied to the game on a frequent basis.
Donations Appreciated; see Terms of Service for details.

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