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Basic Strategy

You’ve just received 100 million dollars from the IFEL to colonize a new world. This is a lot of money, if you only spent it on personal items, like food, clothes or a trip to the Moon. However, in this case, you need to invest this money and make it grow.

You need to understand that planning is key—random spending will get you nowhere fast. While 100 million dollars may seem like a lot, keep in mind that a single large factory could cost you 80 million dollars, and then there are the technologies you need to research that can cost up to 1 billion dollars to develop.

So how do you become a bizillionaire? This section of the website will provide you with a basic plan for success. Check out the various links or perform a search. However, never underestimate your fellow players; they are often the best source for information.

- Basic Strategy
The economy
Information is power
How to organize your company
Making money
Upgrading Buildings
Licensing and researching
Suppliers and clients
Dealing with other players
Rules of Conduct

- Tutorials
Starting the game
Let's get down to business
Creating a new company
Building the company headquarters
Real estate
Commerce headquarters
Building your first store
Public facilities

- Management Tips

- FAQs
Goal of the game
Stores and supplies
Unorthodox Buildings

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