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Starting the game

Beginning the game

When you first launch Starpeace Online from your Start menu, a screen will appear asking for your alias (or nickname) and your password. If you already have one, you can enter the game now, otherwise you need to click on New Account to create an alias and password. You will be required to provide your name, sex.

Once you are logged in with your account, Starpeace Online displays the universal map, comprised of different areas, each of with has several worlds. Pick one of the worlds you would like to join, depending on your preference for crowded or sparse worlds.

Now you are ready to create your first company. Every company in Starpeace Online must be based on a Seal; a collection of technologies and designs that provides companies with certain strengths and weaknesses, and a distinct building look. Seals are authorized by IFEL, and held by Seal Holders: five companies that are licensed to operate in the new worlds. In total, there are five different seals in Starpeace Online:

  • PGI, or Pure Gaba Initiative. It was founded by the wealthiest organization in Europe. PGI provides some of the best technologies available. Those who seek efficiency and quality will be pleased with this Seal. However, you may find that their designs are sometimes expensive.
  • Mariko Enterprises. Mariko Enterprises offers highly competitive solutions based on knowledge and technologies developed by the Japanese in the last century. Their designs are famous for the small number of workers required.
  • Dissidents. Markus Blömke, founder of the IFEL, introduced this Seal holder to balance the political landscape of the colonies. Most of the dissident's technology was produced by a hippie settlement in Madagascar. Their designs are quite functional and ideal for beginners.
  • The Moab. The Moab is a religious order. A wealthy German immigrant founded it the last century in Texas. Moab is a state of mind that can be achieved only by a sadomasochist ritual revealed to those who embrace the cult. The Moab paid a lot for their Seal in order for it to prevail in the colonies.
  • Magna Corp. The IFEL, concerned about overpopulation in the colonies, granted a special Seal to Magna Corp. from Earth. Magna Corp. specializes in very large habitation structures. This Seal is licensed only to those who achieve the Paradigm Level or have some Nobility points.

After you've chosen the type of seal you would like your company to operate under, and have given your company a name, Starpeace Online will create your company and place one hundred million dollars in its coffers. You are now well on your way to building your Starpeace Online Empire.

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