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What town is best to start in?

Choosing the right town to settle your company in can sometimes be tough. You need to be sure that it's a safe place to invest. You should check:

  1. Taxes: taxes can vary from one town to another. You have to check that taxes are not too high for the kind of business you have in mind, or even better, if there is some kind of subsidy for this particular business.
  2. Workforce availability: your facilities need workers to operate. A relatively high unemployment rate is a sign that you will find workers quickly and cheaply (you can check out this information at the Town Hall). Also, look at the coverage of social services (such as hospitals and school.) A high level of social services indicates that workers will be more inclined to move to that town.
  3. Chances to have a successful business: visit the Commerce section at the Town Hall to browse the state of commerce, entertainment and other services in town. You probably will discover areas where demand is significantly higher than supply. It would be a good idea to invest in the development of these areas; your business will most likely be profitable.

What are the basic things that we need to start?

You should start building some stores. For those you don't need anything, just go to the build menu and pick a spot on the map.

Why aren't all buildings available to me?

Some buildings to be built requires specific Technologies. To research technologies, you need your Company Headquarters. After you have built it, and researched the specfic technology, you will see the building become available in the Build menu.

Why do I go bankrupt so quickly?

Going bankrupt is part of the game, at least at the beginning. The Starpeace online economy is quite complex, and some try and error is necessary to get hold of it. Even for the most experienced players it was normal to go bankrupt when they started.

What's the easiest market to go in for beginers?

The easiest market is probably commerce; in a populated world there is always demand of cheap goods, and as a newbie you get a special boost on the desirability (an indication on how appealing is the store to the people). On top of that, stores are cheap and small, so easy to place even on a very crowded city. Don't be afraid to experiment...

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