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Prestige points are a very important part of Starpeace Online game-play. The number of Prestige points you have is an indication of how much the world you are in considers you and your companies and how important you are-your influence. For example, the more Prestige you have, the more people will be inclined to come and work for you. In politics Prestige plays a fundamental role. In order to be eligible to run for Mayor you need 200 Prestige points, for President you need 1000. The outcome of the election is also partly decided by how many points you have.

How do you obtain prestige?

There are many things that can raise or lower your Prestige. When you want to build something, click on the More info button, it provides you with all the specifics about buildings and you might see something like +10 Prestige Points. However, not all buildings add to your Prestige score. Factories and stores don't add a lot. Other buildings like schools, hospitals, fire/police stations and other public facilities add much more. Some of buildings are affordable, and add to your Prestige score, anywhere from 10 to 20 points each, which is often well worth the money spent. To get a great amount of Prestige fast, you can build Monuments, but they are very expensive.

Another way of raising your Prestige is to do research. There are certain technological advances that can boost your Prestige score, but will usually cost you either in quality or efficiency.

Such an example would be when you are researching residential buildings. When you look at the points it brings you, you will notice that some buildings increase points and some lower them.

Leveling also gives you Prestige. Refer to the Level page for the detailed breakdown. If you decide to go in the Beyond Legend levels, you will notice that your Prestige will receive a decisive boost.

Being elected Mayor or President enables you to gain Prestige as well, but be careful: if you get kicked out you will lose it, with interest!

How can you lose prestige?

Every time you get rid of a source of your Prestige, you will lose it. Demolishing a building that gave you Prestige will make you lose that Prestige, the same goes for selling a Research that granted you some.

Going bankrupt or resetting will make you lose 100 Prestige points as well, but only if you are not Apprentice.

Being kicked out of office or having a terrible record after a term as Mayor or President is a guaranteed way to lose Prestige. So if you are planning to run for Mayor, be ready to face the consequences of your actions.

Losing a Beyond Legend level makes you lose Prestige one and a half times more than what you had gained. So plan carefully!

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