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Many of your questions can be answered quickly and conveniently by our online FAQs and self-help support documents. Select the category below that best serves your needs:

In the Strategy section you'll find in-depth help on how to map out your gameplay strategy, walk-through tutorials, and tips on how to manage your bu- siness portfolio.
Whether it's a gameplay ques- tion or a billing / account ques- tion, you'll find fast answers here. If you forgot your login, let us know so we can re-send it to you. If you would prefer to write to us, please email us at:
This Trouble- shooting section addresses some common techni- cal issues, such as connectivity problems, system requirements, and error messa- ges.
If you didn't find a quick answer in our Common Questions sec- tion, contact us at customer support online. If you have a comment about the game, please fill out our feed- back form.
Here you can find the installer files for Starpeace Online Client.
It will however need to download a lot more files when it runs.  


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