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Training Accounts vs Subscriber Accounts


Training Account

Subscriber Account

Planet Access


Angelicus, Xalion, Willow



Building Slot count


50,100,200,350,500, increases further based on Level Attained.

Maximum Level Attained

Paradigm (level 4)

Limited only by Profit per hour requirements

Advanced Buildings
inc, Magna HQ, Magna Residences, Movie Studios, Statues, Mausoleums



Ability to Transcend
Leave the planet and start again without prestige penalty



Earn Nobility Points



During same game cycle of a planet, gain extra starting cash after Transcending



Ability to Vote, Run/Hold Office

Yes - Must be at least Master

Yes >100 Prestige


There are several payment options available with savings.


Please note that subscriptions are currently one off payments.

Please join the Discord group here for help.

Please send funds to:

Please add your player alias where it says add note, on payment.

Period Of Play


30 Days Access


I have had to change the way payments are made for the moment as PayPal has changed how the api is used, and I did not receive warning of this so the code is not ready for it.

Many thanks for your patronage, dodgerid


Player will continue to receive Paid Player benefits until the end of the paid period.(*)

Payment Method

must include account name (**)

(*)For example renewal fees are paid for 30 days, you may cancel future renewals at any time during the 30 days before the next fee is charged. If you decide to cancel on day 2, there is no refund. You continue to enjoy the priviledges of a paid player until day 30 expires.

(**)All PayPal forms of payment are accepted, credit card, bank cheque, etc however note that some payment methods have processing delays 5-10 days in some cases.

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