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What are IFEL seal holders?

IFEL seal holders are very large and powerful earthling consortia who were granted rights to sell technology solutions to investors in the new worlds.

Which are the different IFEL seal holders?

So far, the Big Seal holders are: PGI, Dissidents, Mariko Enterprises and the Moab. In addition, Magna has won special seal rights to offer massive buildings for overpopulated worlds.

Which IFEL seal holder is the best?

That depends on what you want to do and how skilled you are. Although they provide almost equivalent sets of technologies (this is mandatory to obtain a Big Seal) you will find great differences among them. Finding what Seal Holder suits you best at a certain moment is another key element of game-play.

What does IFEL stand for?

IFEL stands for International Foundation for Extraterrestrial Life. It's a non-profit organization founded by Blomke himself. Thanks to a long and painful trial (where even the Pope was called to testify); the rights to the portals were assigned to Blomke in 2043. The "Extraterrestrial" term, according to Blomke, does not refer to alien life forms, but to humans that live on the new planets.

What is their role?

The IFEL controls migration to the new worlds. Since only a small portion of Earth's population could actually move to the colonies, they were very selective. Importantly, the migration rate is designed to allow for the natural development of these emergent economies.

What do they offer?

They offer three kinds of visas to enter the new worlds: Visitor Visa, Resident Visa and Investor Visa. Visitors cannot settle on the colonies nor can they undertake any kind of profitable activity. Residents have the right to work and own private businesses. Investors are carefully chosen. The IFEL gives them $100,000,000.00 that they must fully invest in the colonies. This scheme has proved to be efficient. Since there is a personal interest involved, an investor is far more dedicated and honest than any designated administrator could be. The new worlds also needed technological support, therefore the IFEL created a licensing system to ensure a balanced yet diverse technological spectrum. Only a few companies have been authorized to sell their technology to the colonies. There are two categories or "Seals", as they are called by the IFEL. Companies licensed with the Big Seal have to supply a wide range of technologies, from farming to TV stations, covering all types of industries and facilities. Also, a Special Seal exists for those areas that are somewhat specialized or do not require too much diversity.

Who is Blomke?

Markus Blomke is a Swedish mathematician who discovered a new numeric field called the v-numbers. To make things short, he's the one who founded IFEL and discovered portals.

Can I build anything right from the start?

Can you build anything right from the start in real life? Star Peace simulates reality so you need to start small and then grow from there. To do so, you must research new abilities and expand. It's exactly like the real world and just like in the real world you can't go and build everything immediately. Remember Rome was not build in one day!

What buildings are available at the start?

To begin with, you can build some stores only. You need the company headquarters in order to gain access to other buildings. Then you can build all kind of buildings, industries included, and start growing your company.

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