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In Starpeace Online, there are six different player levels. Throughout the game, you will have to reach certain achievements in order to be eligible to move up to the next level. The different levels are:

  • Apprentice:with the apprentice title, you get all the basic buildings, including all the headquarters that provide you with a chance to research and build your business in order to gain enough money and prestige to move on to the next level. Apprentices are protected by the economy in several ways. When they demolish a building they get their investment back, but only if they bought the raw materials at the construction site (construction work force and possibly business machine and machinery) from the Trade Center. At the end of the year, half of the money they have spent in researches will be returned to them by the IFEL. They also have priority, over players who are not apprentices, in supply and client lists. However, apprentices have a very strict limit on the number of buildings they can build, they cannot own more than 50. They must level up if they want to grow their companies beyond that point. To move to the next level of entrepreneur, you must be making $1,000.00/hour or more, and be able to pay back the original $100,000,000.00 given to you by the IFEL at the start.
  • Entrepreneur:at the level of entrepreneur, as a reward, you will gain access to some new options: malls, supermarkets and monuments. This time, it will become harder to demolish buildings since the refund is limited to only 2/3 of the price paid to build them (again only the portion they bought from the Trade Center). They cannot own more than 100 facilities. To move to the next level, tycoon, you must have an average income of $5,000.00/hour or more, have over a 100 Prestige Points and have $500,000,000.00 in your coffers.
  • Tycoon:once at the tycoon level, the game begins to get much harder. The first thing you will notice is that you cannot buy anything from the Trade Center. This means either finding supplies from another player or getting them from your own factories. You will not have the privilege of getting any of your research reimbursed, as you did at the previous levels. When you demolish, you will not get any money back. As a tycoon, you can build up to 200. This time you're on your own!
  • Master:where you will have access to yet more cool technologies and industry types.
  • Paradigm:this is a crucial milestone in your evolution, you will, for the first time, have access to the Magna Seal. This Seal will allow you to build huge residential structures, which will not only boost your business but also your prestige. This is the first level at which you can transcend and get your first Nobility Points.
  • Legend: you have already been consecrated as a living example of excellence and you may want to start planning your transcendence, the natural conclusion of your first cycle as a tycoon in Starpeace Online.
  • Beyond Legend:the final stage, but you can level as much as you want. Be careful, the requisites are designed in such a way that the money per hour per facility increases all the time, so it will be harder and harder to meet them. Moreover, if at the end of the year, you don't meet the requisite of the level you are currently in than you will drop to the previous level. In the process of dropping a level, you will also lose one and a half prestige points of what you gained upon having reached that level.

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