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March 15 Today we say farewell to two big staples of the Starpeace world.
February 15 Zorcon has now become un-eclipsed with a big rule change, The next scheduled eclipse for Zorcon is Friday 15th May 2020 9pm GMT
December 24 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2020, may it be a fulfilling and prosperous year for all, many changes are coming to Starpeace in 2020, from updated internal websites for worlds to a new Main site for Starpeace along with better game management and user management controls for Games Masters too, its an exciting year!
December 24 A global clean is coming, the database will shrink, old players will be lost to the mist. Any account a non subscriber or has no nobility points will be removed, this is to remove over 337,000 disused accounts.
January 19 Hi to all and welcome, Starpeace Online is now in the hands of the Starpeace Project. Please note that you can contact Tigger and Notrevo in game so get something to myself (dodgerid), I am slowly working my way around the system, so things mat appear a little unsettled for a short while but I am fixing things as I can.
January 19 This week a new world surfaces.
January 1 DodgerId and Loophole will be running SPO moving forward.
December 2 Due to upcoming changes the ability to upgrade an account has been suspended. Accounts with dates in 2018 will continue to work.
November 19 Due to a change in hosting Angelicus will be out of portal range for a period of time.
August 5 Zorcon is now available as a fresh start. During the current round there are no restrictions at play. The game is as if it were a paid planet. Email has also been restored. Target end is October 26th 2018
August 5 Email is almost operational. The regular game start up method is now available allowing regular access to the paid planets. Work is continuing on restarting Zorcon from green field conditions.
August 4 At this stage the Zorcon server is unrecoverable. Email is still down. Were working to provision a new server.
August 3 Subscribers can access the paid planets by running FiveVoyager.exe from the Program Files directory instead of Voyager.exe (the launcher shortcut)
August 3 We are currently experiencing server hosting issues. Our hosting provider is working on the problem. Apologies for the inconvenience.
May 19 Willow has suffered a major orbital shift. This has caused a transformational disturbance on the planet surface. There were no survivors. Due to the change in orbit, various changes are anticipated.
April 28 Zorcon has been wiped clean. Next reset July 28th
December 23 [Completed] Zorcon will be in maintenance mode for a few hours Dec 23rd, 1:25PM CST
September 19 Xalion has been restored to a greenfield site. Next up Angelicus in the next week or so
September 10 Join the newly reset Willow, the closest of the original planet setups
January 20 Angelicus has been reset. Now is a great time to get in on the ground floor.
January 18 Servers are back online. We apologize for the recent outage. New hardware has been ordered to overhaul the entire system.
November 24 A deep freeze is expected to descend on Willow as it passes to the furthest point from the sun. Nothing is expected to survive. As the temperatures rise, the planet will once again become hospitable.
October 17 On October 16th a server failure took the main planets offline. We are now starting to restore service. Zorcon/Xalion/Willow back up.
May 2 Following a short delay Zorcon (FREE planet) has returned.
November 9 After a brief sunspot, Darkadia returns to the star portal system.
December 11 As part of the Christmas scene and to provide folks a reason to stay warm inside we will be restarting the Subscriber planets.
November 2 In line with the Darkadia luna cycles the planet has been wiped clean.
July 6 SPO is expected to be back up on Sunday July 7th
February 16 Willow will be entering a period of lunar eclipse. MegaTown is back in range of our portals.
February 2 As part of the restart Willow and Darkadia are back online
February 2 Following the relocation of the main servers, the system is slowly coming back online. Hopefully have Willow up shortly.
January 23 Due to the relocation of the primary servers SPO will be shutdown starting January 25th through until February 3rd.
October 10 Thanks to a core group of followers, new user registration is now available again.
October 10 In order to speed the development of Darkadia early elections will be called once nominations close in 3 game years. (~1 1/2 Earth Days)
October 4 Thanks to Dodgerid a new forum is now available.
October 3 Darkadia, a remote alien swamp planet, was recently discovered by the IFEL. It has been opened for colonization.
September 11 In light of recent events we are no longer accepting Sign-up requests.
September 11 Regretably due to events outside of our control the Free Planets will close on September 30, 2011.
September 10 Due to a problem with PayPal all current subscriptions should be canceled immediately.
August 5 The forums will be closed on or shortly after August 6th, 2011.
July 5 Per the posted schedule Valrona was reset today.
May 20 As planned Willow has been reset.
May 19 Following a player vote Willow will be reset on May 20th.
April 1 Zorcon was cleared down and resumed at year 2000. Voting is now restricted.
January 4 Valrona was reset to a green field site as planned. Reset orders were issued for absentee tycoons on Zorcon creating space for new players to join Zorcon
September 17 Angelicus will be restarted today using the same settings as the previous incarnation. (A subscribers only planet)
September 14 In a bid to prevent what happened to Angelicus on Sunday, server maintaince will be taking place on all paid planets in rotation. When the paid planets are finished the main login server will be next.
August 16 There was an unplanned outage due to a server problem today Aug 16th. Work is underway to resolve the issue.
July 29 Due to an economic meltdown, Zorcon had to be evacuated and the Genesis project implemented. Zorcon is now a greenfield site.
July 18 SPO is two years old. Thank you everyone.
March 26 Angelicus is back on line after being reset this morning
March 23 The original planned date was pushed back due to issues with Xalion.
February 24 In order to restore voting to free accounts Zorcon is currently under going maintenance.
February 9 Due to data corruption Zorcon was rolled back to Feb1st. More details in the forum. Valrona is also running again.
February 9 Zorcon has suffered a corruption in its data files. Currently the server is down. Valrona has been stopped whilst investigations continue as it shares a physical server with Zorcon.
February 1 The reset of Valrona has been completed
February 1 Currently both Zorcon and Valrona are down as Valrona is being reset. Cleaning the files for Valrona is taking a lot longer than anticipated.
January 15 Per the published plan Willow, a subscriber only planet, has been reset to the beginning.
January 9 A rare opportunity to get in at the ground floor of the subscriber only planets. Reset dates for the subscriber planets are...
January 5 An email was sent to subscribers on January 4th detailing two options for resetting the subscriber planets.
January 5 This is the final NTA ranking from Zorcon prior to the reset on January 4th.
December 3 Reminder that Zorcon will reset on Jan 4th. Subscribers please be sure to allow time to Transcend.
October 29 The free planet server is back on line. The game will launch correctly now and Zorcon (from Oct 27 at 7:51PM) and Valrona (from Oct 26 at 11:16PM) are back online. Apologies for the inconvenience.
October 29 The free planet server is currently down. The hosting company support desk has been contacted. No ETA.
August 3 Valrona has been reset to the beginning. The new rules for the free planets are in effect.
July 3 The page shows the differences between a Free account and a Paid Player or Subscriber, includes links for subscribing via PayPal.
July 1 Zorcon has been reset using the recently tested rules from the beta planet MegaTown
June 1 Reminder that Zorcon will reset on July 1st.
May 22 Several bug fixes have been incorporated into the client requiring a new client download
April 21 Megatown is being brought up to test some new features allowing subscribers the full feature set when playing on free planets.
February 23 Feb 23, the main servers will be offline for maintenance.
February 20 Chat bar is visible by default, and includes an update for work being done to paid planets in the future
February 2 Valrona has been reset Feb 2nd in line with free planet reset policies
January 30 A new planet Junkyard launched Jan 30th for paid players only
December 19 The tournament has come to an end, congratulations to the top three, Junk, Ahanon and Ever!
December 8 IFEL announces immediate tax relief for settlers of Xalion...
December 5 SPO launches its first tournament...
December 1 SPO welcomes a new paid players planet, Angelicus
October 31 The move of both planets to more powerful hardware has been completed.
September 17 Our first subscribers only planet, Willow, is now open. Subscriptions are available via the forum.
September 3 Portuguese Language support was added to Starpeace Online today
August 18 A new planet was launched on August 18th, Zorcon. This is half the size of Planitia and has the regular landscaping.
August 18 A new planet Valrona was launched on Friday August 15th. It is half the size of Planitia and has the Alien planet landscaping.
August 15 Friday 15th August is maintenance morning. Server patching will be performed on the main site and Zyrane planet server.
July 25 Cut a long story short, Firefox users may or may not be able to use the website in full!
July 18 The server may fail periodically to create accounts or render rankings. It should fix itself.
July 18 July 18th, the website went live! Planitia will be the first player planet
May 22 Starpeace will return
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